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Europromotional Products. Contract Conditions

EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. applies the following general contractual conditions to all purchases performed through our Portal,, domain of which EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. is the titleholder.


The Portal is a business unit owned by EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. , a society legally constituted in Spain and registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, volume 24826, book 0, folio 124, section 8, page M 446875, with VAT ID Number - ES B85230118 and with social address in "C/ Sector Descubridores 36, 28760 Tres Cantos. Madrid, Spain".


EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. is dedicated to the sales, commercialization and distribution of promotional products and company gifts throughout the Internet.

Content and information provided in the web page (website)

EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. reserves the right to modify the commercial offer presented in its electronic commerce Portal (website), comprising modifications on products, prices, promotions and other commercial and service conditions at any time. If the General Contractual Conditions change, all orders issued before the change will be under the rules of the General Contractual Conditions prevailing at the moment the order was placed.

EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. also reserves the right of making small modifications to the products, being the color tone, packaging and other small details of the product slightly different from batch to batch in some cases. For your peace of mind, these changes are not usual, exception made of repetitive orders that are much spaced in time.

EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. makes every effort within its reach to offer truthful and typographically error-free website content. In the event that such an error may occur, beyond the will of EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L., it will be corrected immediately when detected. If any of the prices shown in the website has a typographic error, and a customer had taken purchase decisions based on the wrong price, EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. will inform the customer about the price error and the customer will have the right to cancel his purchase without any charges on his part.


Any imprinted order should always have attached a file containing the text in Freehand, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or Corel for PC format, to avoid possible confusions. We do not accept originals for reproduction via fax due to the inherent low quality of fax images.

The photolites for imprints made by EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. will remain in deposit for a 2-year period in our installations. Only the photolites sent by our customers will be returned if requested when the order is placed.

Sales System

To perform a purchase, the user can choose between the several options available for placing his order:
  • Internet, through the use of the "shopping cart"; First, the customer will configure the quotation. Once the quotation is converted into an order, EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. will confirm its viability (stock availability, delivery dates, possible imprint technical limitations, etc). At this point, if you do not have a credit line with our company, you will have to make the payment either by bank transfer, Paypal System or credit card, through our secure payment gateway, as stated in the section "Payment Options". Once the payment has been made, your order will be considered as "CONFIRMED", without damage to the right to drop the purchase, which will be explained in the section "Rights of the Buyer".
  • Internet, through "offline order service" (via e-mail). The customer should send an e-mail to, indicating the desired product references, their quantities and the solicited imprints, and also the shipping address and needed date for the delivery. EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. will send a quotation via e-mail and will confirm the viability in every aspect (stock availability, delivery dates, possible imprint technical limitations, etc.) At this point, if you do not have a credit line with our company, you should make the payment by bank transfer or PayPal, as stated in the section "Payment Options". Once the payment has been made, your order will be considered as "CONFIRMED", without damage to the right to drop the purchase, which will be explained in the section "Rights of the Buyer"
  • By Fax. You should send a fax to +34 918036260. The procedure will be the same as the aforementioned e-mail procedure, but sending a fax to the given number instead.


The prices calculated for a quotation will be kept for a 15-day term.

Our prices may appear in the Web in different currencies. Nevertheless, invoicing will always be made in euros with the correspondent equivalent included.

The indicated prices are valid while stock is available, provided there is no error, and will include the volume purchase discounts in each case. Prices also include the selected imprint with no extra charge, in the cases that imprint option was selected in the "shopping cart". If this option was not selected, the prices will not include imprint costs.
The imprinted samples will have a minimum fee of 150 euros, plus the cost of the item. If the order ends well, the sample fee will be returned to you.

Setup costs include photocomposition, photolites, screen exposure and machine adjustments, and also the cost of laser and embroidering programs in case they are needed. Setup costs never include the cost of the screens; therefore, they are not given to customers.

The requested samples will be shipped with a fixed charge for transportation and packaging, plus the price of the sample. If you place an order later, including the product reference that was requested as sample, the cost of the sample plus its transportation and packaging costs will be discounted from the order.

For orders with imprints, special productions or custom-made, the parts will accept a +-10% tolerance on the delivering of the requested quantities. If goods are delivered in quantities smaller than requested, the charges will be for the real quantity delivered. In the opposite case, the extra merchandise will be delivered without charge.

The goods supplied by EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. remain its inalienable property until the buyer has completed the payment in full.

Customers without an open credit line: Every order will include a 100% payment of the total, taxes included when applicable. We will not process an order that does not comply with this condition. If you want to be classified for credit in our company, please consider that it takes us 3-5 days to open your customer credit. If your order is urgent, we recommend placing it with pre-payment, because we will not be able to process the order until the moment you become classified.

Customers with open credit line: As per agreed conditions.

Taxes applicable

Prices of the products shown in the website of EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L., DO NOT include taxes. VAT will be added to them in accordance with the community rules which apply in each territory.

Payment Options

When placing an order, the customer may freely choose between making his payment for the purchases performed by means of bank card (VISA, MASTER CARD, 4B, MAESTRO 4B), by PayPal (The customer will receive an email from PayPal and must follow the instructions to proceed to the payment) or by bank transfer to one of the following accounts:

Banco Santander(Madrid, Spain)
BIC (Bank Identifier Code): BSCHESMM
IBAN : ES7700494561442110001167 (Account in Euros)

Banco Sabadell (London, UK)
IBAN: GB93 BSAB 6092 7004 6070 01 (Account in UK Pounds)
GB93 BSAB 6092 7004 6070 26 (Account in Euros)

or, if the customer has a credit line with our company, by any means previously authorized by writing for EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L.

In certain cases, and to prevent the possibility of fraud, EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. reserves the right to request a customer to make his payment in a specific way, mainly when the identity of the customer is not properly credited.

Form, Costs and Delivery times

The prices of the products shown in the website of EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. , include transportation within the European Union, if the goods are sent to a single destiny and with a single delivery, by means of a service that guarantees the agreed delivery date, and as long as the order is at or above the minimum limit established.

Due to the associated costs, we have a minimum order for each country of destiny. Your questions are welcome, if you want to know the amount of this minimum order for your country.

If the customer wishes to receive the goods in several shipping addresses or in different dates (partial deliveries), he should inform us by writing before the approval of the quotation, allowing us to include an estimation of the extra transportation costs, which must be accepted by the customer.

In the particular case of some articles whose weight-volume ratio is excessively high, EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. reserves the right to make additional charges for transportation; the customer will be informed of these additional charges in a confirmation E-mail that always will be sent before processing the order.

EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L., sends the ordered goods to its customers through different transportation companies of renowned national and international prestige. Delivery date at customer's address depends on chosen product availability and delivery zone. Means of transportation will be adjusted to meet the established delivery date.

Transportation times might be altered by extraordinary events on the transporter's side and by difficulties in merchandise delivery.


EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. is committed to carry out all proper actions required to achieve the delivery times specified in the orders. Nevertheless, it is not to be held responsible in any case for losses, damages or lost profit that may result from transportation delays or product delivering failures.

The customer is solely responsible for the intellectual or industrial rights violations that may arise by the use, reproduction or cession of drawings, designs, slogans, brands, logos, patents, registered marks or any similar content, being his obligation to keep EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. free from any sanctions or indemnifications the customer may have to face as a consequence of the aforementioned violations.

EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L.. will not admit any claims on marked orders that could have typographical errors imputable to the customer. Neither will take responsibility for errors that may exist in the e-proof after its approval, if these errors are not detected by the customer.

Rights of the Buyer and Return / Cancellation Policies

Before requesting payment for an order already accepted by the customer, EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. will always give the customer accurate information about the availability of the products shown in the website, and established delivery times, which in turn will depend on the time needed for the distributing companies to deliver the product.

EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L., guarantees its customers the possibility of canceling their orders, providing that the cancellation takes place before the order enters the production line for imprint. The customer expressly accepts a 10% charge to compensate for administrative, management, stock relocation and transportation costs (from storage to imprint shop).

Once the product is being marked, and due to the fact that the product at that moment is useless for a different client, the customer accepts that the cancellation of an order implies a charge proportional to the number of marked pieces up to the moment of receiving the cancellation notification, plus a 10% charge of the total order amount to compensate for administrative, management, stock relocation and transportation costs (from storage to imprint shop).

If the requested product is ordered without imprint, the order can be cancelled before the merchandise is handled to the carrier company for delivery, and in this case the client will specifically accept a 10% charge to compensate for administrative, management, stock relocation and transportation costs. If the cancellation takes place when the order is in transit, the minimum charge will be equivalent to 25% of total order amount, to compensate for management, administrative and transportation costs.

The customer will have seven (7) natural days from the moment the order is received to dissolve the contract and return the acquired product. The customer will communicate to EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L., within the established term and by any means admitted by right, his will to exercise his right to dissolve the contract. Once the devolution is approved by EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L., the customer will be informed by writing. The returned product should be sent by the customer to EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. in perfect conditions, in its original packaging and with the original delivery form. Order returns without previous approval by writing from EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. will not be accepted in any case. Due to the fact that the marked merchandise is completely useless for any other client, the customer accepts a minimum charge of 75% of the order total amount. This charge applies only when the causes for devolution are not imputable to EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L., as in the case of receiving a product with imprint defects or a non-requested one.

Regarding any incidents related to product devolution, you may contact our Customer Service department by e-mail: or by phone (+34918047540)

Claims are not allowed after 7 natural days from the date of merchandise delivery.

In the event of merchandise devolution because of imputable cause to EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L., this company reserves for itself the right to replace the merchandise by similar stock in perfect condition, or reimburse the order amount, always using the same means by which the customer payment was made.

We will not accept in any case merchandise that has been imprinted or manipulated by any company other than EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L.

Obligations of the client

The client commits itself to always provide truthful data as requested in the User Registration or Order Placement Forms, and also to update the data as necessary.

The client commits itself to accept all regulations and conditions reflected in the present General Contractual Conditions, being understood that they encompass the best service intentions, given the activities carried out by EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L.

The client also commits itself to proactively keep safe and confidential from prying eyes his personal access passwords for our website.

The client commits itself to facilitate the delivery of the orders by giving a shipping address where the ordered goods can be received within the usual schedule for merchandise delivery. In case the client does not provide an address with these characteristics, EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. declines all responsibilities for possible order delivery delays or failures.

Security and Confidentiality

EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L., guarantees security and confidentiality for all communications with its clients.

All online payment operations are performed through the bank secure server, which is based on the SSL standard, developed to protect confidential data from possible violation attempts carried out by third parties. EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. does not keep any records of credit card data of our customers. Data regarding the purchase process is kept in a database specifically designed for this purpose.

It must be also noted that data recorded through any Data Gathering Form in the website of, or sent by e-mail to the specified address, will be incorporated into an automated archive, property of EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L., with company address in "c/ Sector Descubridores 36, 28760 Tres Cantos, Madrid. Espaņa".

EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. will only use your personal data when strictly necessary, i.e. for commercial interaction with the customer and transmission of key information, like the access passwords for the website.

When you make available to us your e-mail address and your personal data, you expressly agree that EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. has your permission to send you commercial or advertising information regarding the products and services offered by our company, and also news, formational actions, corporate information and other content that might be of your interest.

EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. will handle your data in a confidential way and exclusively for the purposes and uses reflected in the present Privacy Policy.

When data is gathered through forms, there will be clear indication of what details are mandatory for the request, query or service to be performed. The omission of any mandatory data will result in the impossibility to handle the specific request properly.
In any case, you will be able to revoke your consent or to oppose to the treatment of your personal data for certain purposes, by checking a box that reflects this fact.

Also, you can exercise your rights for access, correction, cancellation or opposition regarding the personal data registered in the aforementioned archive, by mailing a written request along with a copy of your VAT ID Number or equivalent identification document to EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. with company address in "c/ Sector Descubridores 36, 28760 Tres Cantos, Madrid. Spain".

In the event that the supplied data is related to a purchase, Spanish legislation forces us to keep them for at least five years; in this particular case, data cannot be cancelled even if the client requests it specifically.

Applicable Legislation and Competent Jurisdiction

The transactions performed with EUROPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, S.L. are submitted to Spanish legislation. If there is any conflict or discrepancy the applicable law will be that of the Courts of Madrid (Spain).